Weekly Update #6

This week I finished my cad drawings and attached the other LED strip. The soldering took up most of my time this week and it was really difficult trying to solder the neopixels. I have been working on trying to get the code to work for velocity. Even though the led strips are attached with wires it is still a little finicky. Sometimes the led strip connected by the wires won’t light up until moving the wires around. I covered the wires in a blue fabric and sewed it to the rashguard.

Tomorrow I will have the 3D printed coverings printed and will paint them and attach them at the end. I need to work on my code more to get it to work well, right now it changes based off of position. I still would need to do the waterproofing for the lilypad and battery but I am not sure if I will have time to complete it properly with magnets so that I get a rechargeable battery. My main priority will be to complete the code.