Weekly Update #3

This week I am continuing to work on my fiber optic skirt. I finally finished my weavings where I incorporate the fiber optics. I am so glad I used them as a test because I got to experience the slippery, tricky nature of working with the fiber optics. I am glad I decided not to weave with them and instead sew them in. There is a photo shoot for the look book tomorrow so I am waiting to sew in the fiber optics until after the shoot. I finally have the skirt constructed and is all set for the fiber optics to be sewn in. I plan to use the Lilypad again. I think my biggest challenge will be incorporating the Lilypad into my skirt and making it look cohesive since the skirt is lightweight and rather transparent.

I would say I am about 50% completed. The hardest part will be getting the fiber optics to work. I have hard a difficult time getting them to connect to the lights in my weaving project. They have a mind of their own and do not want to stay where I put them.

The main change to the project is that I am not weaving it anymore. I am simply sewing the fiber optics into the skirt which I think will make the project much more cohesive and clean due to the nature of the fiber optics.

My major hurdle is just getting everything to work and do what I want it to. If I can get the sound sensor and fiber optics to work together then I will be very happy.

This upcoming week I plan to sew in the fiber optics, program my Lilypad, and order the sound sensor. I feel like everything is really coming together and I feel confident that everything will fall into place now that I have a clear direction.

IMG_5084 IMG_5085 IMG_5086 IMG_5076