Daily Archives: March 27, 2016

Weekly update

Problems or Issues: Since my last progress report I’ve lost significant time to illness*, which have made it not possible for me to pick up the carpet, so that’s #1 priority this week. I also started to work on soldering together the components of my persistence of vision (POV) kit, […]

Weekly Update #2

Progress: All of my electronics are here! I also corrected the pattern pieces so they are mostly ready to go! Roadblocks: I didn’t find fabric I liked in NYC, so I will still need to buy fabric, I will need to get that as soon as possible so I can […]

Weekly Update #2

This most recent week of class, I was able to finally get to implementing code and testing the heart rate sensor now that it finally came in later in the previous week. Once I got the code all set to go, I used alligator clips to get the connections set […]

Weekly Update

This week I worked on putting together code for the accelerometer and the RGB led strip. I worked on the accelerometer and the led strip separately. I also went to a thrift shop to buy wetsuits to use for the wetsuit top. I am considering attaching the sleeves to a wetsuit […]