Weekly Update #2


Both Alex and Kevin completed the code for the outfit during the last week of class. By adding multiple thresholds the lights illuminate when there is no motion, fade in and out at different rates when there is slow motion and flash at different rates when there is fast motion. The thresholds still need to be edited to get the most accurate readings but currently it is decently accurate. There will be three different led strings wired in parallel that react differently to the motion. Over break I put a lot of the outfit together and added two strings of LEDs and hooked them up to the LilyPad and accelerometer. I sewed in the LilyPad/accelerometer to the strap on the side of the outfit. I ordered parts for the second part of the outfit including a sound detector and batteries.
Problems Encountered:
For some reason the USB port is not showing up so we cannot upload my new edited code to the LilyPad to improve the accuracy of the motion detection. We would like some help with this. Hopefully I didn’t brick another board.
Plan for this week:
We would like to improve the accuracy of the motion detection. I also will sew in the multicolor LEDs and attach them to the LilyPad. There are also a lot of decorative additions that still need to be made.