Weekly Update #2

IMG_6577 IMG_6580

This most recent week of class, I was able to finally get to implementing code and testing the heart rate sensor now that it finally came in later in the previous week. Once I got the code all set to go, I used alligator clips to get the connections set up from the sensor to the board. I was successfully able to get readings from the sensor and got an LED on the board blinking at the rate of my heart rate.  I confirmed its accuracy by placing a finger on my neck to take my pulse, which did in fact match up perfectly with the blinking of the LED on the board. I was pleased to see this as now, going forward, I can focus on the implementation of the sensor and board into the fabric I will be using for the band.

I had hoped to finalize what material I was going to use for my band, but I plan on bringing in a couple of options this week. From there, I will begin to incorporate the sensors, board, and LEDs into the selected material.

Until then, this week I will continue to do further implementation of coding and testing of the sensor in order to get it to do exactly as I want. There is still work to be done for me in the software side of this project and I hope to have that completed fully this week.