Smart Sleeve

(video) Click here

Idea/Purpose: I created a device that provides relief to people suffering from varicose veins and muscle soreness. The idea here is to use vibrations to mimic a massage and thus use it to increase blood circulation.

Design: The sleeve is designed to be worn on an arm or a leg and has Velcros that make it adjustable. This allows it to adapt to various sizes. The FLORA board is also attached to the sleeve by Velcros so it can be easily removed before the sleeve is washed.

Electronics: The FLORA board is connected to an accelerometer that detects motion. So whenever the person is still, the sensor turns on the vibration motors and  when the person moves it turns them off. The LED seen in the video is just an on board Neo Pixel which is there to show that the device works (i.e the LED and the vibration motors either both turn off or both turn on at the same time).

More time: Because I finished my project on time and my device works as expected, I would go for more money instead of more time. If I had more money then I would buy a good quality sleeve (or stitch a better one myself) , better vibrations pads and probably would have added more functionality (heating pad for example).