First Weekly Update

1. Image or video:


What you see is the brim of a cheap hat I deconstructed. There’s a few things to take away from the way it’s put together. Firstly, the material is plastic – it looks like cardboard, but it’s a cheap recycled plastic material similar in composition to MDF. This makes sense, because waterproof hats are usually a good thing. Secondly, there’s no glue involved. The fabric is held to the brim with what I had originally assumed to be decorative stitching.

2. Listing of accomplishments:

Well, I ripped apart a hat. I got the majority of the electronics sourced and shipped, although some are still in transit. I did a fair bit of research on construction of PCBs, including etching techniques, unusual substrates, and surface-mounting device soldering. Then there was figuring out how sewing machines work and finalizing the embedding of circuitry in the hat brim.

3. Description of problems:

Still trying to figure out the best way to hide the ‘bumps’ caused by the ICs on the brim. ┬áProbably best to just carve out space in the brim and putting the circuit copper-side down. One last issue I hadn’t anticipated is how the not-so-decorative stitching might affect the circuit on the brim. I have some ideas, but it will take some experimentation.

4. Plan for next week:

Next week I’ll design the circuit for the brim and finish sourcing the necessary parts for putting it all together. I still need the ferric chloride and the appropriate toner, but all the other parts should come together fairly easily next week.