Weekly Update 2


Weekly update 2

2. A Listing of accomplishments made by all group members for the previous week

This week we did test runs with conductive ink and determined how that works.  We figured out how we were going to make the sensors and connect them to the board

3. A description of problems encountered and outstanding issues (highlight anything that you are looking for help on)

This week we realized the design of our sensors and how we were going to connect them wouldn’t work.  We would be activating all of the sensors with the design we came up with last week so we had to think of a new approach to the sensors and how we wanted to create them.  The conductive ink was also somewhat challenging to figure out how it works.

A plan for the next week of work

The week after spring break we will hopefully be able to burn the screen printing board and screen print a sample.  The mobile app will hopefully be completed and the physical arm band my begin being produced now that we have the fabric.