Weekly Update #4


I don’t really have any new images as this week I still continued to work out the final kinks in my code.  I am pretty sure I’m about ready to go with the software portion of this project, so this week I intend to progress solely onto the implementation into the band.

I have some reservations and uncertainties with how I will actually implement this all, which is why I drew an updated sketch (see above) now that I have my materials and have been able to see what I’m working with a bit more.  I am thinking about sewing one wristband onto the thinner, tighter-fitting wristband I bought.  This is primarily due to the fact that the snug wristband provides a better feel on the arm, and it will additionally allow for a closer contact of the heart rate sensor with the user’s skin.  The outer wristband that will be sewn onto this one will provide the benefit of being able to hide the board and wiring inside a small pocket with a zipper closure.  After much deliberation, this is the intended design, but I still want to finalize the logistics of it with Marianne this week.  The main problem I foresee would be implementing the heart rate sensor in such a way to ensure good contact with the user’s skin.  Additionally, I want to ensure that if I do use wires (as conductive thread would not work well in an elastic band), that I can effectively hide these wires.

I will continue to assess design possibilities with respect to all factors this week, and hopefully, by week’s end, I will have a solid chunk of the wristband completed.