Weekly Update #6

1. An image

WT weekly update 6

2. A Listing of accomplishments made by all group members for the previous week

Michael and Sam continued work on the app.  They fixed some bugs so that the app works more smoothly.  They also got the bluetooth aspect of the project working. I sewed the conductive thread so that the board can be wired up to the conductive buttons.  I also sewed the vinyl pockets that will hold paper with the words that the buttons correspond to.

3. A description of problems encountered and outstanding issues (highlight anything that you are looking for help on)

A few more bugs need to be worked out with the app and bluetooth.  Figuring out how to sew the conductive thread so that the buttons were connected correctly to the board was complicated but we believe we figured it out.

4. A plan for the next week of work

This week we need to attach the conductive threading to the board, finish sewing up the armband, and debug the app and bluetooth a bit.