Final Project Post

My project is completed and successful! As a reminder, I wanted to create a sweat band that doubled as a timer to time how long a stretch should be held during the cool down part of someone’s workout. This timer, with a vibrating motor, allows for people to stretch for 30 seconds without ending to count in their he’d, look at a stop watch or listen for an alarm. Stretching made easy! Just wait for the vibration on your wrist and switch positions. Initially I was going to have a capacitative touch sensor, however, it would not work once sewn into the wrist band. I opted as a back up plan for the hard switch. When the switch is turned on the wearer feels to short vibrations to be told that it is on and the countdown has begun. After 30 seconds the wearer feels one long buzz to know that it has been 30 seconds and then another 2 short buzzes to know that the 30 second countdown begins again. It runs on a loop. If I was able to do it again, or have more time, I would have liked to add some more timers to allow for it to be used with circuit training as well. Circuit training runs mostly on 30 second, 4 second and 1 minutes time intervals. If there were these 3 timer settings then the wrist band could be sued during the workout as well as after for stretching. I am very happy with what I ended up creating! I am so glad that it works and I can’t wait to test it out in the gym. I also had some help from family members to think of a better name and ended on the title StretchStop.

Wearable Tech Poster IMG_6746 IMG_6742