Team Exploring Interfaces – W2 Update

What we did

This week we began implementing our simplest test interface, where a user selects one of three target cubes.

Individual reports

  • Alex explained the structure of a Unity project and created a base project with cube selection via mouse
  • Dave is working on Xbox controller support
  • Nicky is working on trackball support
  • Ryan is working on Wiimote support

Team accomplishments

  • Synced everyone up with GitHub so we’re all working on a common codebase (follow us at
  • A lot of brainstorming


  • Need to think more about what problems/opportunities the paper on naturalism poses for us
  • Still not sure what our end product will look like. Right now, we’re trying to implement our fallback while brainstorming ideas for a more ambitious project
  • What statistics do we want to track?
  • Unity’s learning curve

Plans for the upcoming week

  • Add two or three new input methods
  • Create a “reset” area that a user’s cursor must return to before being able to click the next object
  • Add event logging for statistics
  • Continue thinking about what interesting things we can do after we finish this small project