Team Exploring Interfaces – W4 Update


The red ball is the new reset zone.

What we did.

We continued to work on input device support. We refined our first test interface, adding a reset zone and adding puesdo-randomization of box location. We also explored potential alternatives to Unity for better cross platform support, although we decided that continuing with Unity was the best option at this point.

We decided on a way to present the tests to users. We will have an table with a single external monitor and all our peripherals. We will swap out the machine plugged into the monitor and peripherals so we can minimize change in the user’s experience.

Individual Reports

  • Alex worked on experimental measures output and simple analysis code.
  • Dave added a reset area and changed boxes so that they appear in random order.
  • Nicky improved trackball support and researched Unity alternatives.
  • Ryan added proper logging for wiimote and started work on raw input for wiimote.


  • Major refinements to our first test interface.
  • Started work on collecting measurements.


  • Measurements we collect are yet to be finalized.
  • Nicky hates Unity.

Plans for the upcoming week

  • Collect more data!
  • Finish first test interface.
  • Start planning next few test interfaces.