Weekly Update #1

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This week, I was hoping to have my pulse sensor in by Thursday, but unfortunately that was not the case. So, I continued research into materials for the wristband, and at this point, I am leaning towards some sort of elastic sweatband (perhaps moisture wicking). I am thinking about adding some velcro straps to it to provide a more secure fit to those with a smaller wrist. I will continue to finalize the desired materials to order for the wristband itself, and then will continue with implementation.

The biggest problem I encountered this week was not getting my pulse sensor on time. I was optimistic about it arriving by class on Thursday, but it did not. I intended to hook the sensor up to begin reading in some basic data so as to get an idea about how I was going to interpret the data and use it in a feasible way.  I guess I will have to address issues further in advance to make sure I don’t run into issues with timing going forward. I also am a bit unclear on what I should actually use as the material for my wristband, but I think I will consult with Kevin and Marianne this week to figure out a good solution for this.

This week in class, I will hook the pulse sensor up and write some code to read the values in and get an idea of what I will be working with.  From there, I will be able to develop a program that allows me to use the heart rate data which I will be using to drive the outputs of my wristband.  I also will figure out what material I want to use for a wristband in consultation with classmates and the instructors.