Weekly Update #1

An image or video (this could either be photograph of the current state of your work, a sketch, a diagram, etc)

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 10.22.51 PM


The image above is the progress that has been made on the mobile application we will be using for our communication device. The programming was done in Javascript/HTML/CSS using the Ionic framework, and is most of the visual elements are functional.


A Listing of accomplishments made by all group members for the previous week

Sam / Michael – Mobile app development

Sam / Michael / Sylvia – Circuit design, product design discussions with outside help


A description of problems encountered and outstanding issues (highlight anything that you are looking for help on)

I think one of the bigger challenges that I can see coming up is going to be the circuit design for the armband. We have planned out the way we want it to function and how the circuit will actually be laid out, but actually implementing it will take a good deal of effort and so that could be a little bit of a challenge. Also, it appears that getting an iOS device to sync up to the bluetooth module that we want to use could end up being a little difficult as well, as iOS has a few more hoops to jump through in terms of connecting to its devices.


A plan for the next week of work

I think we want to make a start on getting some of the armband materials together and assembled, including making a start and practicing with the conductive ink as well to see what kind of signals we get through and how easy it will be to implemented.