Weekly Update 2


1. New Button Design

Board             Button           Circuit

This is an updated picture of the armband layout and button layout that we are going to use for the “keyboard” portion of the armband.


2. A Listing of accomplishments made by all group members for the previous week

  1. Added the text to speech functionality to our Ionic app, so anytime any text is presented to our application we can have the mobile device (whether it be a phone or iPad) read that text out loud
  2. Spent some time designing and testing how the conductive ink works and how we want to design the keyboard to work with that (pictures above represent some of our work)
  3. We received the new bluetooth module that we had to order in order to get the bluetooth connection to work with iOS as well as Android. The previous module that we had purchased was only working with Android and not iOS.

3. A description of problems encountered and outstanding issues (highlight anything that you are looking for help on)

  1.  As mentioned above, it was disappointing to realize that your original bluetooth module wasn’t going to work with iOS.
  2. We ran into an issue with how we originally imagined our circuit was working because we now have to ground each connection and so our total number of pins was doubled.

4. A plan for the next week of work

  1. Advance the work that we have done on the Ionic app that we have, and then code through some of the sentences or phrases that will be spoken when certain buttons are pressed.
  2. Beginning to create the actual circuit on the armband that functions with the app on the phone