Weekly Update #3


WT week 3 update

2. A Listing of accomplishments made by all group members for the previous week

Sam: Got the text to speech aspect of the app to work and the app is able to locally store key mappings.

Michael: Finished doing a test run of the button with the conductive ink and figured out how to wire the buttons.  He realized that the conductive ink did not work for the the circuit so he resorted to sewing the circuit with conductive thread.

Sylvia: Designed the button on Adobe Illustrator and prepared the chemicals and screen for burning the image for screen printing.

3. A description of problems encountered and outstanding issues (highlight anything that you are looking for help on)

Sam struggled to get the text to speech portion of the app to work but after some troubleshooting he got it to work.  Michael struggled with making the test run work with conductive ink but after using conductive thread he resolved this problem.  He also realized upon significant experimentation that we only need one pin to drive all 5 resistors thus reducing our total pin count by 4 which is vital due to the small surface area we have to work with .  Sylvia struggled with using Adobe Illustrator to design the button. The button was redesigned multiple times but we officially have a final design to move forward with.

4. A plan for the next week of work

Next week Sam is going to try to work on the key remapping.  Michael is going to finish the prototype with the larger board and move forth with the smaller board.  Sylvia is going to burn her screen and screen print the buttons.  Hopefully she will also begin constructing the physical arm band.

5. What percentage would you estimated that you have completed for your project?


6. How much has the project changed since your initial pitch?

The project has changed pretty significantly since our initial pitch.  We are no longer making a shirt with a keyboard that will allow you to intercept and respond to text via an app.  Instead now we are making an arm band that will still utilize the conductive ink.  However, now the buttons coincide with a specific word and the app will actually say the word that coincides with the button that is pushed.  The button and wiring of the buttons have been adapted multiple times to accomplish so that we can limit the number of pins needed on the board while maintaining the functionality of the project.

7. What major hurdles do you have left?

Major hurdles that we have left is figuring out how to do multiple screens on the app.  Other than that the we have a lot of work left to do in producing the physical armband that we have designed and scaling everything down to the size we need.  We also need to figure out the mapping of the buttons so that we can tell which button is being pressed.