12/8 Prock Update

What was worked on: Ken: Started working with the oculus touch controllers.  He was able to fix some of the original errors we were having and built-out the boxActor interactions (grab, move, […]

12/8 Surgery Post

  Worked On: Dustin – Finished up some in game objects and related scripts. Haixiang – Combined the surgical simulator with the room and programmed the in game tools to […]

Dec 8 Update

This week: Summary: We met several times this week to continue troubleshooting our spatial mapping and asset placement. We focused on documenting our experiments and after limited success, we moved […]

12/7 RPG Update

What each individual in the group worked on over the last week Amarah – Finished intro scene/level to the game, debugged game. Matt – Completed first level and got a […]

12/1 RPG Update

The goal of our project is to create an RPG game with multiple endings based on the users decision. Amarah created the intro scene to the game, of which the […]