Warm-up Project

Signal Explorer Glove

https://vimeo.com/155803546   The Signal Explorer Glove makes wireless signals visible to the naked eye, as colors on the back of your hand. A bluetooth receiver in the palm of the glove measures RSSI to a connected device, and an LED on the back of the hand, diffused by a plastic […]

ProtoSnap Demo Skirt

I made a skirt which demonstrates many of the components of the LilyPad Arduino ProtoSnap Development board, including the white and Tri-Color LEDs, the light sensor, buzzer and button.  It offers random twinkles of the LEDs to initiate conversation, then when the light sensor detects light at 70% of ambient […]

Winter Scarf – Sam Solovy

The scarf has two pairs of sensors with light outputs. The tri-colored LED responds to temperature, where the red indicates heat, and blue indicates cold. The light is blended for moderate temperatures. On the other side of the scarf there is two white LEDs that respond to the light sensor […]

Sylvia Schad- Light up purse

For the warm-up project I created a purse intended to act as a light source when walking in the dark. I programmed the LED lights to turn on automatically when the surroundings are dark using the Lilypad light sensor. I then sewed the light sensor, LEDs and board into a […]