Weekly Update #1

1. An image or video (this could either be photograph of the current state of your work, a sketch, a diagram, etc) This is a sketch of how the buttons will be arranged and the wiring that we figured out in order to limit the number of pins needed on the […]


Project Title: Textrr Project Team Members: Michael Lampe and Sylvia Schad One part shirt, one part arduino, one part conductive ink and a few more parts love and careful coding.  We plan to create a shirt which is capable of sending (At first) texts and later is also capable of allowing […]

Final Project: Texting Shirt

Project Title: Texting Shirt Project Team Members: Michael Lampe and Sam Christensen Project Description: A shirt with a key board screen printed on it using conductive paint and a LED matrix display mounted on the cuff.  A mobile app will interface with your phone via bluetooth so that when you […]